A day of hitching quiet secondary roads put me in Pristina, Kosovo. In terms of looks a mixture between Eastern and Western cultures and still crawling with aid-workers (UN, KFOR, EULEX, UNICEF, OSCE, etc.); it’s clear that it will take a while for the dust to settle in this region.

The 'Newborn' sign commemorating the declaration of independence, with in the back the UNMIK headquarters parking lot filled with the well known white UN jeeps.
The statue and picture off Bill Clinton on Bill Clinton Boulevard; the people here are very sympathetic towards the Americans for their involvement in the region. Burger places, hotdog stands and wallpaintings with American flags are a common thing.
Some parts of the town are in dire need of reconstruction...
... while new modern buildings and expensive new cars are also common-place.
Hands down the weirdest building I've seen in a while: the Kosovo National Library.
A decaying Serbian Orthodox Church; understandable since there are hardly any Serbians living in Pristina nowadays.
Commemorative graves on top Martyr's hill

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  1. I wish you a very good Eastern from the Netherlands. It is here a real summertime( 26 grad.).

  2. Pristina looks interesting. I follow up the page – will we get more details? Happy Easter from Osijek

  3. Hm, dat gebouw lijkt inderdaad een soort chemische verbinding. Of het beton heeft uitslag. 🙂

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