Walked out of Tirana and caught a ride within 5 minutes; after driving through yet another stunning mountain-range my driver pulled into the parking lot of a restaurant. I thought we would go for coffee again, but the first thing that emerged on the table was wine, then bread, vegetables and finally an enormous plate of lamb-meat. It was 11:00… Afterwards he drove me on a city tour through Elbasan and finally fixed a ride for me towards the border with Macedonia.

A short ride with a cab from the deserted border to the first town and one hitch later I arrived in lake-side Ohrid.

(cutting the amount of pictures short due to limited upload capacity)

St.John Kaneo Church from the 13th Century
(part of) the view from the Sunny Lake Hostel balcony towards the lake of Ohrid
Your average street in Ohrid (complete with a Yugoslavian Zastava)
Walking along the lake we encountered on a quiet beach a couple of dragonflies who had just gotten out of their cocoon (and therefore sat very still for the picture).

4 thoughts on “Ohrid”

  1. Klinkt als een goede lift, met zo’n maaltijd! Enneh, als je onderweg nog dansers ziet: ik ben wel voor Balkandansen. 😉

  2. On behalf of Henriette: Thanks for your card from Tirana.We have recieved it yesterdayafternoon(3/5).

  3. Hey Wouter, Whar are you doing with your birthday( 11/5 )? Regards, Paul IJgosse

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