Mt. Nemrut

Leaving Goreme was easy, getting close to Mount Nemrut proved a bit more difficult. After some quick and easy hitches to get past Kayseri and turning down a direct ride to Tehran (will take 4 more weeks before getting there), I found myself in a small village in nowhere land. It was a dull road with little traffic, the local kids where annoying and two other hitch-hikers popped up and positioned themselves in front of me. But eventually (1,5 hours later) a car stopped for me and took me 250km further to Malatya. From there it turned out to be still 2,5h + 1h by two minibusses to get to Kahta for the night.

The next day I minibussed further up the mountain to the crossroads for the small town of Karadut, where the owner of Karadut Pension picked me up. In the afternoon me and a Spanish couple also staying at the pension went on a tour around the national park, ending with what would have been a sunset seen from the top of Mt Nemrut (2150m). Big stacks of clouds blocked this however…

Chatting to an elderly English couple over dinner that evening I found out that they had their own car and would go up for the sunset the next morning at 04:00. So I hitched a ride with them and all was well in the end.

This is what it's all about on top of mount Nemrut, the statues build by king Antiochus Theos of Kommagene, approx. beginning of first century BC/
Walking around the top of the mountain to the other side this was all the sunset I was going to get that evening.
The next morning however the sun did deliver...!
In the morning there were also a couple of Turkish groups on the mountain, who for some reason (tall & blond I guess) wanted to take pictures with me. At some point I handed the Englishman my camera to take a picture of the phenomenon (out of focus unfortunately). All in all it happened ~10x.
The view from Karadut Pension; not a bad place to relax for a day, with balking donkey's on the hills and cattle that's driven through the same street where minibusses race up to Mt Nemrut.

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