After getting of the minibus from Diyarbakir I was a little bit lost. I didn’t new anything about Mardin; had not looked at a map so had no clue where I was relative to the city center or sights and had no names of cheap hostels/hotels. After tea, logical choice since being in Turkey, I decided to take a random city minibus passing by which magically brought me to the right part of town (the other side of the hill) where the owner of a kebab shop pointed me to a cheap hotel for the night.

View on the old city of Mardin and the big hill it's build on. The top of the hill is off-limits unfortunately (military terrain). Also visible: the bad weather.
After walking up the hill as far as possible, the view over the plains is quite spectacular. The hill upon which Mardin is build is the last high point on the land towards the Syrian border (30km or so away).