From Tatvan it’s 140 km to get to the other end of the lake to the city of Van, covered with one ride. Naturally we had to stop half-way to take a picture together (getting somewhat used to the celebrity status, which is both positive in terms of pictures, handshakes and words of welcome, and negative with annoying street-kids who are following you, constantly calling out to you and when ignored sometimes throwing stuff at you).

Under pleasant weather I got myself a (huge) ‘Van breakfast’ (typical for the region), explored Van and it’s castle and went to the small island of Akdamar with a restored Armenian church and excellent views on the area.

The island of Akdamar with the Armenian church and mountain views.
The mosque on top of the hill of Van castle.
Another day, another sunset; this time over lake Van as seen from high up on Van Castle.
Looking at the sunset...

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