Some days you need a piece of paper with the destination written down since it’s hard to remember while hitching. Today was such a day, going easily to Dogubayazit across again some mountain passes with views of mount Ararat; the highest in the area at 5165m. This was the first mountain peak in the world higher than 5000m reached by mankind, and surprisingly enough it was an Estonian who did so.

The road to Dogubayazit passes close to the Iranian border resulting in a big military presence in the area, but we were stopped at a checkpoint only once.

The main sight of Dogubayazit; the Ishak Pasha Palace build in Ottoman times. With Dogubayazit in the distance.

The dining hall of the palace. It's completely renovated and has a protective roof. The downside of this is that you have lot's of nondescript empty rooms.