After some pleasent days at the beach it was time to get into the mountains. Kazbegi was reached by a comfortable night train and a somewhat less comfortable marshrutka. Upon arrival the old ladies where fighting a bit over which of them could approach me first to offer a homestay, and luckely the one who won the argument had a very nice house making it unnecessary to drag my bag further around town.

Gergeti Trinity Church, one of the national symbols of Georgia, towering over the town at a height of 2170m. In the distance Mt Kazbeg (5033m).
Hiking up from the church towards one of the glaciers coming down from Mt. Kazbeg.
I'm on a glacier! (@ 3000m)

Mountain biking with sheep just outside Kazbegi who were not to happy with me trying to get through.
A bit further up the road, getting into the gorge towards the Russian border.