The road to Iran

Getting a new roommate in a hostel is always fun, especially at 04:30 in the morning… So that cut short the third night in a row in this hostel (5h). Didn’t feel like hitch-hiking and could join 7 other people going my way, so we cheaply rented two taxis to get to Goris, a little town in the mountains in Southern Armenia. The next morning I left the guesthouse early to hitch-hike the 200 km to the border (which led to surprising looks of the owners, who kept explaining that the marshrutka would leave at 11:00, so where was I going this early?).

After three rides I was walking down the road when I got invited to lunch, which, this being Armenia, included wodka and toasts to my well-being. After lunch (during which no cars passed on the road), I started hitching again and surprisingly found a ride within 5 minutes straight to my destination, the town of Meghri on the border with Iran.

The view on Mt Ararat, one of the symbols of Armenia that nowadays lies in Turkey, just after leaving Yerevan.
The half-way stop on the way to Iran, Goris.
Closer to Iran the temperature rises and the mountains become dry and bare.
Trying to take pictures of the spectacular Armenia-Iran border crossing would have been a bit unwise, therefore I took a picture of the same river gorge 30 km further.