Since my host had a week off from his Farsi course, and I had to wait for my visa for Turkmenistan, we went on a short trip to the South-West of Iran with two girls from his Farsi institute. One of the ‘students’ of my hosts’ English lessons is a well connected businessman, who happily arranged hosts for us wherever we went.

As it turned out, this meant that our hosts would drag us around all day, from sight to sight (or things they thought to be a sight; among others we went to a chicken slaughterhouse where we got a lengthy explanation/demonstration how to behead a chicken properly) but also to all their friends, to show off their foreign guests (1 UK, 1 NL, 1 DE, 1 JP). It was fun, but travelling like this for a week was enough.

Because of the heat in the South (45+ degrees) normal life is pushed back a bit; with the bazaar opening only at 17:00 and staying open well past midnight. You can get a haircut here at 01:00 and afterwards go and buy yourself a new carpet at 02:00.
When we were buying the bustickets in Tehran the busdriver gave me a hat to help endure the heat of the South, and after the nightbus made a rest stop the people sitting behind us gave each of us a bowl as a gift... Again, limitless Iranian hospitality.
An airconditioned bus stop in Ahvaz.
I'm dreading to try this...