As a foreigner in Iran you’ll get approached all day by Iranians who are very eager to talk to you; although most don’t really get further than ‘hello mister, how are you?, where you from?, thank you, goodbye’. Some speak almost no English at all and start shouting ‘I love you’ (for some reason…). But sometimes you do have a real conversation and one of the questions that is sure to come up, after asking how you like Iran, whether you are married and how much money you earn, is where you have been in Iran. Naming ‘Bushehr’ is then a sure way to get them awed. The reason is that Bushehr is one of the hottest places in Iran, due to a temperature of 45~50 degrees combined with very high humidity.

During our stay we tried walking around a bit, but the punishing heat + sun pushed us soon back into the airconditioned car/house/internet place. Activities where done in the morning and evening and then still it felt like stepping from a refrigerator into a sauna.

To get to Bushehr we crossed a bit of desert. The temperature gauge of the bus measured 50 degrees outside and the airconditioning was having a hard time keeping up.
The first activity after arrival was to go swimming. Naturally women have to keep themselves fully covered (the head scarf has to stay on as well...). But there is a solution as visible in the picture above; a women only beach behind a huge concrete block that extends into the sea... Our host took us to a quiet corner of another beach and after it was dark the girls who were with us just went without hijab.