I made a stop-over in one more -stan on the way from Kyrgyzstan to China: Kazakhstan. Arriving to Almaty I found a city that resembled a well developed Eastern European city; with modern high-rise buildings, hip coffee bars and lots of shiny new SUV’s cruising the streets.

The Ascension Cathedral - built in 1870 (entirely out of wood, even the nails). At 54m it is the second highest wooden structure in the world.
Sunset over the skyline of Almaty.
Memorial for the fallen of the civil and second world war in Sovjet grandeur style.
The meat section of the Green Bazaar; shot just before I got spotted by the security guard who made a big fuss over 'no pictures'.
Stop, hummer time! Going around on a Saturday we stumbled upon the Presidents' Park, where there were a lot of couples shooting wedding pictures. I counted 12 limousines out of which 7 (!!) were streched Hummers...