Shanghai was my last stop in China and the place from where I would take the boat to Japan. The city has a lot of different faces; parts of it are really Chinese, parts of it are European (since they used to be ruled by the Europeans who came there to trade) and the new and modern Pu Dong business district looks more like Manhattan. All in all a pleasant place to spend some days.

The skyline of the modern Pu Dong side of the river.
Very new, clean and shiny.
The skyline of 'The Bund' against the sunset. This is the other ('old') side of the river.
This is the closest that I came to flying on this trip: I went to the Pu Dong airport by subway (45 min), then took the MagLev train back (430 km/h: 8 minutes!).
The inaccessible elevator is located on the left behind the wall...?