The boat to Japan

I’ve travelled as far as I can travel over land; time to hit the high seas! The ferry completed the journey from Shanghai to Osaka in just under 48 hours. Constant movement, great views from the sundeck, an onboard spa, playing ping pong, having some beers and karaoke with the Chinese/Japanese on board; seriously: why would you want to fly for just 2,5 hours?

Bad weather while boarding from the Shanghai Cruise Terminal, right in the centre of the city.
Bye bye China...
... and hello Japan. Somewhere over the horizon.
There weren't too many other people on the ship, so I had the 4 person cabin to myself.
It took a while to convince the crew that it was a good idea to set up the Ping Pong table; their repeated reaction to many attempts over the course of 3 hours was 'no ping pong, sea sick'.
The onboard Japanese-style 'Onsen' (hot bath). Picture from the Shanghai-Osaka Ferry Co. website.
After 30 hours on the ship we were looking for things to do, so we build a Chinese Wall from the unused little pillows in the 3rd class sleeping hall around the sleeping place of one of the other Western Europeans. For some reason the Asian passengers didn't really understand this...

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