Literally fresh ‘off the boat’, as the Australians say, I jumped on the commuter-train to roam around Kyoto for the day. Slightly hung-over from a night of karaoke on the boat the difference between the in-your-face bluntness of China and the over-politeness of Japan was even more striking.

The massive train station of Kyoto.
Kyoto used to be the imperial capital of Japan for a millennium and is considered one of the most beautiful places in the country. This is the entrance to one of the numerous temples in Kyoto; the Higashi Honganji temple.
A pavilion with lanterns showing who contributed financially to the upkeep of this garden (The Shosei-en Garden).
Advanced Japanese parking.
Advanced Japanese refueling.
Japanese helpfulness: An entire brochure detailing how to use the bus in Kyoto. Note how everything in Japan is happy (with a smiling face). Since this one says 'basic' I'm wondering if there is an 'advanced' level as well?