Roadtrip Central Japan

Enough of Tokyo, let’s see more of Japan. We rented a car and dodged the traffic to get out of Tokyo. Not willing to pay the toll for the expensive highway we stuck to the backroads, crawling through Japan at a leisurely speed of 40 to 60 km/h.

The first stop was a camping ground next to a nice lake, next to Mt Fuji.
That big cloud in the middle? That's where you normally can see Mt. Fuji...
Modern tourists.
Group picture at the second stop; the top of a ~2000m mountain which apparantly marks the middle of Japan.
The view was superb with a golden sunset, but it was very cold in the wind.
Improvised camping grounds for the night; Paulus in camouflage pants...
And naturally there is a vending machine almost at the top of the mountain.
Only in Japan: roadwork signs that bow to you.
Third and last stop: a Riokan, or traditional Japanese hotel, with an onsen (hot spring bath).
The Riokan provides traditional clothes to wear while you stay there. The meals were fantastic!