Flight week

For a number of years Pascal and I have the agreement that we can not give each other presents. The reasoning is quite simple; giving presents would most probably quickly lead to giving each other the ugliest and biggest shit presents we could find (this agreement actually came forth after watching the Top Gear Vietnam Special). Since we’re getting somewhat more mature nowadays we sort of fluidly decided that this year we would give each other birthday presents, but in the form of an activity that we could do together.

First up was my present to Pascal: an introduction lesson in Paragliding and in the afternoon a tandem flight from the top of the mountain.

We picked up the trick pretty quick and started to just fly on a bit further once the instructor told us to brake.

The next day I got Pascal’s birthday present: a helicopter flight over Tokyo at twilight. We had excellent weather, Mt. Fuji was even visible, and were both very excited for our first flight in a helicopter.

Tokyo from the helicopter at twilight with Mt. Fuji in the back.
Looking down from the helicopter.

The view from the helicopter in the fading light.

Thanks for the cool present bro!
And then on day three of this week I took my flight to South Korea, the first flight since leaving Amsterdam. I could take one last look at Mt. Fuji from the plane